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  We are facing breast cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, and arthritis epidemics in this country. Unlike years ago, these diseases are not just targeting the elderly. The key to why younger and younger women are being affected is because of this industrialized world that we live in. Staying healthy, active, and vital has everything to do with balancing hormones whether you are 16 or 100 years old! How can we turn back the clock? By balancing hormones we can restore energy, manage body weight, maintain youthful skin, and stop bone loss.

Roslyn Rogers is a Certified nutritional consultant with 25 years experience in the field of vitamins and herbs. Her lectures and seminars include subjects such as anti-aging, menopause, PMS, weight management, and most woman’s health issues. She is known for her motivational skills and as well as her sensitive and caring outlook on life.
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